Monday, May 4, 2015

Look Mom!! I'm on Top of the World!!!!

Weak, tired, drained, emotional and probably in tears, but you made it! All those months of training through one of the coldest winters ever... Nothing mattered at that moment. You were on top of the world and nothing or no one can change that. You earned to be there!!.

Think back to when you started this journey. Think back to Dec 2014 or early Jan 2015. Think back to that person you were when you started. You are without a doubt, NOT that same person now. Whether this was your first marathon or half marathon or your 10th, this training changed you. You battled this cold winter and you won! You walk around just a bit taller now. You have a bit more confidence and you now believe that ANY thing is possible. In turn you have developed a great deal of respect for those that shared those miles with you.

This is true for half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks!! It's not the distance, 
it's the training that WILL change your life!


Seeing all the posts and pictures everyone's posted from your races is very inspiring. I must admit, I wish I had TSR in my early days of running. I could have really used all of you back then. Every time you guys post your accomplishments, they remind me why I started running and why I love it so much.

As I sat around last night going through all the post, I have to truly admit, that I am overwhelmed with all the achievements you guys have had. These past few weeks, PRs were set, BQs were met and "first times" were achieved! With each step you guys took, from beginning to end, you wrote your own stories. Each different, but all ending the same - accomplished!

I wanted to post pictures from everyone's race on the blog, but my time is limited, plus they are all on Facebook anyway :) .... But I will post one. This is by far my favorite picture out of all of them. Tracy Mitchell's finish line pic. No words are needed to describe this picture. This picture says it all. This is the reason why we all run....

We all know this feeling... 


Congrats to everyone! You have accomplished so much. 
Keep posting! Keep inspiring others!!

This is what Tri-State Running is all about!!!