Thursday, April 16, 2015


I love doubt. Doubt tells us we are not strong enough. It demands that we are too slow, unworthy, incapable and weak. Our lives are riddled with "I cants" "I wonts" and "No ways". And often we believe it. We let doubt win. People question why I run, why I train, why I focus a majority of my time on a hobby that wrecks my body and tolls my mind. 
I do it for me. Because, I doubt myself. Because I tell myself "I cant" "I wont" and "No way". While so many people move through life consumed by doubt, petrified by it,.... I face it head on. It does not consume me, it fuels me. I welcome the doubt. I welcome it because it makes me try impossible things. Ethan Newberry


To those taking on the Spartan Beast this weekend, you can't dot it. To the runners taking on Heart Break on their way to Boston, you wont make it.Those running New Jersey or Providence, no way you'll finish! Anyone else racing for just running this weekend, why try?

Doubt yourselves. 
Believe that you can't, you wont and there is no way you'll do it....

Now, take that doubt. Look it straight it the eye and let it fuel your passion. Welcome it! Prove to doubt that you can keep moving forward, that you can take that extra step, that you can reach your goals! You will conquer the Beast! You will take on the Heart Break! Jersey aint got nothing on you!!! Providence aint nothing!! You will keep running!! You will prove to doubt what your made of!!

You will do the impossible!!!


Good luck to all my friends at the Spartan Beast and The Boston Marathon this weekend, to those running the New Jersey half and full next weekend and at the Providence half and full in a few weeks.

Don't let doubt consume you, let it fuel you!!!

- Jose