Sunday, January 25, 2015

You Never Know Who You Inspire

Stop for one second and think about something....... Who inspires you? Don't say it. Just think about it for a sec....

I mentioned in a post today that it was Nick that inspires me. And it's true. Nick and I work for the same company and I have seen the changes in him since the day he started. He has slowly transformed himself before everyone eyes at work. He has slowly become a new person. A more focused, more healthier and fit new Nick. Someone with a goal. He even came in first place in our company's fit challenge! I came in third!

We work for to separate departments so our path hardly crossed. But Nick knew I was a runner and would every so often ask me questions about running and I would try to help out as much as could.

Now, I normally do not share my personal life with people from work. I dont add them to my Facebook nor do I talk about my running club or anything like that. I like to keep work separate from personal stuff. So when I invited Nick to our running club, I was a little hesitant at first. It was a little nerve racking to let someone from work into my world. But I saw something in Nick. I can't explain it, but I saw myself when I looked at him so I felt a bit at ease.


My point to this is that sometimes its not always obvious who you think is the one that motivates you. We all have our "heroes" we look up to, but sometimes we need to take that step back and honestly think of who that person is that inspires us. That person can be right in front of you and you don't even realize it.


So Nick, keep up the good work. You have and still motivate me. You will accomplish all your goals as long as you keep at it. We here at TSR will help you 100% of the way!


So for everyone else... stay positive, work hard and always do your best cause you you never know who you will inspire.....

- Jose

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