Sunday, January 11, 2015

Did You Know...

Did you know that Tri-State Running was almost started back in 2012? Before TSR, Webster had an unofficial running group, also started on Facebook. A few current TSR members were part of this group. I think it was called Webster Running Society (or something like that)... other members can probably correct me.
I met quite a few people from that group and got some good runs in. All in all, there was probably only 12 members in that group at the time. Then one day I posted a run for a Thursday and Friday morning.....

I got my Thursday morning run in with Jenn,which I had met before. But that Friday morning run with Joanna never happened. Neither did the following Friday's run. I never got to meet the other founding member of Tri-State Running.

Sadly, weeks following this post, this running group fizzled away. People just forgot about it. It wasn't until one day a few months ago when I was cleaning up my "Groups" on Facebook did find this post. I just laughed at it. LOL... 

What could have been......


It wasn't started then, but it was started a year and half later, in October of 2013. In 2014, it grew beyond what I ever thought it would (and still growing). Also in 2014, TSR was noticed. Noticed not only by runners, but noticed by non-runners, noticed by our towns and more importantly noticed by other running groups. In 2014 we made a mark in the running community. When I say "we", I mean all of you!!

In 2015 we will not fizzle away like that other group. In 2015 I want to show everyone that we are real and we are here to stay. In 2014 we took baby steps, this year we will take off running!!!


If you are a new member and have not run with us yet, you should really consider coming down to one of our Pub Runs or one of the many weekend run posted. We are more than just a running group. We are people from many backgrounds that share a passion for running. We are here to help, we are here to support and most importantly we are here to have fun!! 

We are waiting for you!!!!

- Jose

- I dedicate this blog post to Mary Ryan. She told me to get off my ass and keep blogging :)



  1. If there is anyone reading this blog who is new, this group is supportive to all those looking to move. Whether you are a runner, run-walker, walk-runner, extreme walker, hill enthusiast, etc...unparalleled support. See you guys in the warmer weather on the road (maybe in the pub before then), or on the slopes for now. Joanne