Sunday, November 30, 2014

We are about Support

I often get people that come up to me and thank me for starting this group. I know Joanna gets the same. Firstly, I never take the credit. Secondly, I want to say that we just laid the foundation. It is you guys that make this group what it is.

I love seeing the posts on Facebook from group members thanking one another for helping them or supporting them on their runs. I love seeing all the friendship that were formed because of this group. I love hearing about all the goals and accomplishments people have met. That is the whole purpose of this group.

That to me is all the "Thank You" I need.

There was some great showing of support this weekend.

Some of you may know I have been struggling with my running as of late. I haven't made a big thing about it. It will pass as it always does. I've actually been having fun inserting myself in your pics... LOL. But I wont lie and say I don't miss the group runs. So it was good for me to see this pic when I cam back from my solo walk on Saturday.

I can't tell you how much this picture made my day!!

The support didn't end there. 

After doing a speedy 12 mile run around the lake with Meredith and Scott, Jim ran the course again with Mary. Enough can't be said about Jim. He is an awesome guy, a super runner and a great friend!

Oh, Mary... there is just something about you ;)


 After taking pics of the runners on Main St on Sunday. I hopped in my truck and was about to head home when I noticed another runner a little bit ways behind. I thought to myself, is she part of the group? So I turned around and park on the side and waited for her so can take her picture too. Then I thought to myself, how creepy would it be if she wasn't part of the group and here I am taking her picture. LOL. But luckily I recognized her as she got closer. She was doing the walk\run method. 

It just so happened that I had my running shoes on and it just so happened that I had my tights under my jeans.  So asked her if she wanted company. Luckily she took it easy one me.

Look the smile..... on my face!
Thank you Michelle B. for letting me tag along.


I would like to finish off by saying congrats to TSR members Matt H. (1st overall finish), Tara C (1st Female) & Chuck C (3rd overall) at the Turkey Trot in Dudley today. You guys did awesome! TSR cleaned house!!!
Congrats to all that ran!!!


- Jose

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